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Our know-how
The love of furniture

les ateliers de langres - sejour moderneAt our company experienced staff work with fine oak wood. That is our key to producing the beautiful, traditional furniture on which we have based our reputation.

Since the creation of Les Ateliers de Langres in May 2002, workshop production has doubled. This is due to the fact that the range of furniture produced is increasingly vast, whilst guaranteeing quality both in the selection of the wood used and the manufacturing process itself. This guarantee of a reliable product is assured by respect for the skills of each member of staff....

Varied range of furniture

Les Ateliers de Langres adapt permanently to market demand. Indeed, every year one or several new collections are created and presented at various trade shows or exhibitions, specifically the Furniture show EspriMeuble, in Paris. 

To meet customer expectation, adl-meubles propose traditional style furniture and also contemporary collections, but always oak furniture produce in France (with "Origine France Garantie" label)

From bedroom furniture through to the living room, including small occasional pieces, you are sure to find the furniture you are looking for in one of our collections. 

  traditional bedroom (QUEBEC)

traditional living room (NOGENT)

contemporary bedroom (LILOU)

contemporary living room (CERAM)

les ateliers de langres - chambre rustique QUEBEC

 les ateliers de langres - sejour rustique NOGENT les ateliers de langres - chambre contemporaine LILOU

les ateliers de langres - sejour contemporain CERAM

Choose your Shade and Finish

To ensure that the furniture we make is the furniture you want, we offer the possibility of choosing the shade and finish from a vast range.

The finish given to the furniture corresponds to the ageing given to it. If you choose an item that you want to look as if it is already old, we will give it a so-called antique finish, with woodworm holes, false splitting, small chips,….. The furniture will look as though it comes from your grandparents. If on the contrary you prefer your furniture not to be aged, there is no problem either. 


We can advise you as to the shade usually applied to the range you choose. And, if you are an artist, why not have your furniture delivered “raw” and paint it yourself!

Mise en teinte
Mise en teinte
Tinting the furniture in the required shade

Whatever style you choose don’t forget that oak is a noble wood, demanding respect for its own specific characteristics! The knots and irregularities are what give oak its special character. 


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