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The company

“Les Ateliers de Langres” is a family business on a 5,000m2 site in Hortes, Haute-Marne. Around fifty staff are employed in the manufacture of traditional solid oak furniture and the company is well known in the French solid oak furniture sector. 

Localisation des Ateliers de Langres


Oak right down to the roots


The grandfather and father of the current manager, Jérôme Plubel, set up the Faysièges company in Fayl-Billot. The company manufactured raw products as a sub-contractor, mainly in beech and Nordic fir.

With the aim of no longer depending 100% on sub-contracting, the company develops in parallel a range of finished beech product, for major retailers.


The company creates its own 100% solid oak designs. New products developed.

The company abandons sub-contracting altogether.


The site at Fayl-Billot (5,000 m2) is no longer large enough to take production.

The manager decides to extend, creating a new company : Les Ateliers de Langres.
Activity increased along with the number of references.

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