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The Sylvain Plubel forestry company

The brother of Jérôme Plubel, manager of Les Ateliers de Langres, runs a forestry business producing all varieties of wood. 
Oak, the favourite and sole variety used by Les Ateliers de Langres, is produced by this forestry business.

Estimation des grumes
Estimation des grumes
Timber evaluation - The quality of trees is not left to chance: only the best are selected.

Abattage des arbres
Abattage des arbres
Tree felling - Professional woodcutters who love the environment fell trees when they reach maturity, to leave room for younger trees.

Hauling  Cubage

Transport des grumes
Transport des grumes
Transport of the timber - The oak trees are then transported to the Plubel saw mill.

On the way to Bourbonne les bains…
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